Coach Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson is a youth educator, certified personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, and track coach who encourages youth to be healthy and to reach their full potential through sports and education.

I am passionate about ensuring less fortunate kids have an opportunity to overcome whatever their circumstances are. I am motivated by the fact that if I can change one child's life meaningfully, I will consider myself to have succeeded. I look to instill the values of my grandfather Reverend Holman, who happened to be a Navy man and great preacher, in the children that I touch. Those are values of faith, accountability, loyalty, and pride for who you are and what you believe in.
Admin LaTrice
LaTrice Nervis has been part of Dallas Elite for four years, where she handles all the behind-the-scenes work, from signing up athletes to organizing track meets.

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, LaTrice moved to Dallas in 2016 with her family. She got involved in track because of her daughters, who started club track when they were very young. To better understand their sport and help them improve, LaTrice became a USATF Level 1 certified coach and volunteered with long jump and high jump.

Now, with Dallas Elite, LaTrice wants to learn even more about organizing meets while supporting her oldest daughter in her track journey. Her dedication makes her a vital part of the team, ensuring everything runs smoothly for the athletes.
Coach Eric
I coach the 12u sprint and relays and take coaching seriously, but the kids will never know it. I believe in the long-term development of young athletes with a structured and technical approach to training. Our training is age-centered and does not follow a 'one size fits all' model. Young athletes are at various stages of development and training should reflect this.

Every win does not include a medal and will not occur in the competition. If winning is solely about crossing the finish line first, then there would be a lot of losers. Not all athletes will medal but all athletes can win.

My goal is to give youth athletes a positive and challenging experience on the track. I want to lead by example so athletes can give back to their community, track club, school, or individuals when they get older.
  • Certified USATF Level 1
  • Certified USATF Level 2/Youth Specialization
  • USTFCCCA Event Specialist S/H/R
Coach Jay
Born in Chicago, IL, Coach Jay grew up in Dallas and attended Carter High School and Desoto High School. While attending both schools, he was on the basketball, football, and track teams. His passion for sports allowed him to grow at Grambling State University as the most improved Athlete and three-time SWAC Champion. His career manifested into a pro career with the AFL, playing positions like wide receiver, defensive back, and quarterback, making him a well-rounded and respected athlete.

Coach Jay wanted to give back to the community that supported him through the years. He focused his effort and energy on the youth. He chose to track and field as there was an excellent opportunity to reach so many young lives. What moved Coach Jay? I focus on providing a systematic visualization allowing our organization to strengthen every household, building a solid family foundation. No matter the economic background of each family. Everyone has a story to tell, and we want the athlete to create a legacy that can inspire the next Martin Luther King Jr. or Katherine Johnson.
  • Certified UTSF Level 1
Coach Larry
Raised in Dallas, Texas, I grew up immersed in various youth sports, including soccer, basketball, football, and track & field. However, it was my daughter's involvement with Dallas Elite in 2017 that sparked my passion for track and field.

Inspired by her journey to the Junior Olympics under the guidance of dedicated coaches, I transitioned to coaching in 2018, focusing on relay teams. Despite being new to coaching, our ten-year-old 4×100m relay team achieved national-level success, marking a significant milestone in my coaching career.

Coaching for me is about instilling confidence, strength, and discipline in young athletes, fostering a sense of togetherness and family both on and off the track. Through Dallas Elite Track Club, I've found not just a passion for coaching but also a cherished sense of belonging to a supportive community.
Coach James Dutton
I was born in Northern Michigan and started participating in track and field throwing events during middle school and throughout high school. I joined the National Guard during my senior year of high school and completed basic training shortly after graduation. The military taught me valuable lessons about physical training, nutrition, setting goals to achieve success, and never giving up. I served for 27 years in the military and spent years preparing myself and others for physical training.

Outside of the military, I volunteered to coach track and field events multiple times throughout my life. I have been an avid runner and competed in numerous 5k and 10k runs. I have worked with my daughter, who is also an avid runner, and she also participated in distance running events. I am starting my third year with Dallas Elite. I am level one USATF certified. I have coached shot put and discus for two years, with numerous athletes qualifying for the Junior Olympics. I predict this will be another incredible athletic season for Dallas Elite’s athletes and coaches.
Coach Jessica Kirkland
Hailing from Memphis, TN, I began my track journey as a pentathlon athlete in high school. Transitioning to Alcorn State University, I embraced hurdles and the heptathlon. After a stint as an athletic trainer for Alcorn State's football, softball, and soccer teams, my passion for track endures. Now, I'm eager to inspire the next generation of athletes with my love for the sport.
Coach Emily Stauffer
Emily Stauffer was born and raised in a small town outside of Philadelphia. She was recruited out of high school for collegiate field hockey and track and field, ultimately choosing the latter. This decision led her to the University of Missouri, where she was member of the women's track and field team for six years, specializing as a thrower.

While at Mizzou, Emily earned her Bachelor of Science in Business with an emphasis in Marketing, followed by her Master of Business in Digital Marketing. Emily received accolades, including being named to the All-SEC Team, the Bill Rawson Outstanding Athlete Award, and the SEC Honor Roll from 2016 to 2022. She was also a team captain and was recognized as an Academic All-American.

Emily secured a place on the top-10 all-time performance list in the shot put, hammer, and weight throw. She qualified for the first round of Nationals every season. Notably, her best performance came at the Outdoor SEC Championships in 2019, where she placed 5th with a personal best of 55 feet in the shot put.

Emily aims to revolutionize training practices by emphasizing sport-specific movements, specific strength training, and technique work. She is dedicated to dispelling misconceptions surrounding throwing events and empowering young athletes to recognize their full potential on and off the field.
Coach Devin Forte
Devin Forté is a former student-athlete who competed in both the Football (WR) & Track and Field programs (Sprints) for the University of Southern California (USC) Trojans.

Off the field, Devin's dedication to his studies was equally admirable. He managed to maintain a strong academic record while juggling the demands of being a student-athlete. His commitment to both athletics and academics exemplified his discipline and determination.

Today, Devin Forté continues to inspire others through his passion for Student-First Athletics and his unwavering goal to build up the next generation of leaders who make significant contributions on and off the track.
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